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Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Another Snow Day

These are the two listed on etsy tonight. They haven't been listed before now because they are two of my favorite combinations. I wear a lot of cranberry or rasberry and it is my favorite salad dressing. The frit on this bead is so dense, I love it. The next set is a lentil set that I think would look great with jeans or khaki slacks. The ink blue stripe is very dense also and has a purple cast to it. The silvered ivory stripe never ceases to thrill me and the khaki stripe is actually glass called avacado but it looks like khaki pants. The lentil shape is really a comfortable shape to wear. Some shapes like diamond or crystal, I think in some applications would be uncomfortable. But the lentil could be earrings, bracelet or necklace and lay flat on your skin as well as having a large surface for design. We will see if these sell. I still have not had anything sell. But only 8 total up on the site. I must be patient and that is not my strong suit.

I tried to go out of my comfort zone in my bead session today. I love the look of enamels but I really need to get a better mask, this one makes my glasses fog up. It is a little tough to make beads when you can not see. I tried my tool that Danny got me for Christmas for sifting enamels on the bead. Absolutely loved it. I have a line tool but that will be on another day. I also tried AGAIN to put murrini on a bead without destroying it. I know I failed misserably. I will try again. I was trying for an watercolor look. My mom loved the ocean and was a painter. Some of my favorites pictures of hers are her watercolors. I also tried a bead that I thought might look like a abstract ocean. Who knows what it will look like in the morning.

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