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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am So Excited - First Etsy Sale

You know how you have these great ideas and then they don't happen like you think they will. Well I was about to get discouraged with selling on Etsy. You struggle to wonder if your items are good enough, does the picture do the item justice, is your price right, are the colors and designs what someone else would want to wear. Well I am pleased to say that a nice lady in IL thought that my beads were worth the price that I asked. In fact, she bought 3 items that I listed totalling 7 beads in all, 3 earring pairs and one focal. They happen to be some of my favorite combinations.

I had read tonight on a forum that one seller just couldn't keep a certain bead in her store. It is a very different bead than what I have been doing, and her price was about 8 times higher. I was really starting to doubt myself. But thanks to one nice lady, everything is good. I think just because she made my month, I will throw in some spacers to boot. I guess I will be making a run to town and the Post Office tomorrow. I haven't been out of the house in 5 days. Starting to go a little stir crazy. But now I am re-energized to continue on this journey. I know it is not always going to be easy, but now I know I am on the right track.

On another note, could not even get a hold of my husband or daughter to share this wonderful news. Today is my husbands 60th birthday and he had to leave on a business trip this evening.
We both were a bit disappointed, not that we had big plans but it really is a special day. We will have to celebrate his birthday this weekend if it doesn't snow again like they are forecasting. My son's birthday is next week so it would be nice if we could at least see him soon.

Believe it or not -- We have another snow day tomorrow. I think it will really be more of an ice problem in the morning than snow. There was a really bad wreck not to far from the house this morning due to slick roads. Kind of glad Danny doesn't have to deal with the hill tomorrow.

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