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Monday, June 23, 2014

Rose Bushes, other inherited plants and of course Torro

During the Summer months and snow days I have a lot of time by myself to think and work around the house.  Lately I have been madly trying to whip the yard (badly out of control) into shape after a couple of years of neglect.  Last winter was very hard on the plants and the humans on this hill.  A project that has been many years in the making is this flower bed where I have 3 rose bushes.  The first one is a piece of a Rose bush that was in Danny's mom's yard (Granny).  For whatever reason when the siblings were going through things they decided to give Danny this rose bush.  I planted it in two spots (just for insurance) and gave it a very hard pruning.  It limped along last year and is doing great this year.  I would hate to have it not make it.  The other planting is also doing OK.  I am so glad they decided to in trust Danny and me with the bush.

The next rose bush is one that my daughter Maggie picked out years ago when she was at home.  It is still limping along.  It is a hybrid tea and they are a little temper mental in this climate.

The next rose bush was given to me by two teachers at school for helping them with a project.  It got a much needed hair cut this spring and is about a third of it's original size.  I have throughly enjoyed this rose.  It is a knock out and has always delivered.  My mom loved roses and had these all along the front of her yard at the house in Bandon on Beach Loop Rd across from the ocean.  Every one would stop and admire them growing in this harsh climate.  They were stunning.  I look at this bush every year and miss her terribly.  Both my mother and my mother in law are gone now and both loved different roses and plants in different ways but both meant the world to my family and me.

This year my daughter got married in Hot Springs Arkansas at the Garvin Gardens.  I bought a very small Japanese Maple to always have a reminder of the event.  Hopefully it will thrive just like I know their marriage will.

One year several years ago (maybe 15) my mom and dad gave us money for our anniversary.  I bought a Lenten rose and planted it near my steps leading from the back door.  We use this door as our main entrance.  It blooms at the worst time of year, just when you are sick and tired of winter.  It is the first thing to bloom and makes my day every time I see it bloom.  It has never had a year that it failed to bloom just like my mom and dad never failed me or my family.

I could go on and on about the plants that mean so much in my yard and house.  There is the clivia that Mom divided before they went to England for the first time and she sent me a baby (not an easy feat) from hers, it now has had a baby or two and Maggie has it's first one.  The African violet that was Granny's that Maggie now has and I have a baby from it. The yellow Day Lily that the kids and Danny gave me for Mother's day one year is now in full bloom.  The Lotus that  Barb and Vic gave to me one summer just because I was having a rough one (need to clean the pond so you can see it better). The two crepe myrtles that I hauled back from NC when Maggie lived there that now I have to severely prune due to harsh weather.  I also bought a Magnolia when Maggie was in Washington DC at camp, need to move it to a better spot the goat might get it.

Now that I think about it I am not sure I could ever sell the house and get another one.  I would have to dig up the whole yard, 29 years worth of plants that my friends and family have given us.

Can't think of a better gift than a plant or jewelry, they both give lasting joy that can be passed down.

A last random note, my favorite goat Torro is back from his visit with the nine goat harem at a wonderful friends house, although a little leaner and stinkier.

He is so cute, she even taught him to paw with his front foot when you say the word foot, of course the reward is Animal crackers. I am looking into getting him some new girl friends.  Goats are wonderful everyone should have one or two.