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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Etsy Rolls On

Yesterday, I sold another bead on Etsy. It is a slow process to build up a customer base but I think I could get used to selling a bead or two every once in awhile. The bead I sold had been listed awhile and was one of my favorite ones. In fact I had made a necklace out of similar ones back in the summer as a gift to a very special friend for feeding my very special pets when I was in Oregon at the very special bead show in Portland. I think I will make some more of these type beads maybe in a different shape. This bead sold to a different Etsy customer/seller than the first three items. That pleases me. Maybe it wasn't a fluke.

My daughter's very special boyfriend Brian, has expressed some concern that I am selling them too cheap and not making a profit. My DH has the same concern. I think I am ok for now. Yes, I am not getting rich quick. I am loving every minute of the journey and learning as I go. Yes, I think my beads are worth more than money and sometimes it is very hard to part with them. But it is a necessary evil in order to make more beads. My daughter feels that I have something in common with the TV show "The Hoarders". I am trying to prove her wrong, although my mother and I do have that tendency in common. What good would a whole house full of beads do anyone?

It would be wonderful someday to command the prices that I see sometimes on the web for my work. I realize that will take time, practice and a very good reputation. I am willing to work for it.

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