This blog is intended to document my journey into the world of handmade artisan lampwork beads.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Productive Weekend

This picture really does not do this bracelet justice. Again I need a decent camera desperately. Maggie where are you. But if I don't take a picture I tend to forget what I have done in the past, even if it is a bad picture. This weekend I made Wildcat beads and for a change they all turned out usable. Usually you have a few at the beginning that are not too good as you get into a rhythm. Then I spent Sunday making jewelry. Wildcat bracelet, 4 pair of wildcat earrings and the above bracelet. The above bracelet was intended for Sue's Birthday. I had to bring it back home though it is too big. So restringing it is. I am not real good at the redo thing. I probably will take out the big bead out of the pattern so it is the right length.

I have always been very proud of my parents keeping up with the changing world and changing technology. They have always grown with the changing times. My Dad now even has a Facebook page. I really think that speaks to his great attitude toward life as a learning journey. Love you Dad. You are the very best ever.

Patrick seems to be doing great in S. Korea . He taught his first classes today. He appears to like teaching. Go figure. Of course who would have thought I would spend 16 plus years working at an elementary school. You never know where life is going to take you. He is experiencing all kinds of new and exciting things. It was hard to comprehend Maggie doing things in England, it is just as hard to comprehend Patrick being in S. Korea. Wow!

Maggie's first day of classes at UNCG was today also. She met with her professor on her Graduate Assistantship first thing this morning and then off to class. Seemed to go well. She will be awesome in both roles. She even found a parking spot, major hurdle she says.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Patrick is Adjusting in S. Korea

We have heard from Patrick twice since he left on Monday. We did have a few days of silence which was agonizing for us. I am sure he was fine. Danny took these pictures of him leaving Nashville. He did comment last night to Danny that his beard even though allowed (short and trimmed) is scaring little Korean children. I do not think they encounter many beards. He seems to be socializing with the other English speaking teachers (one is from South Africa). This is good. He does not have his permanent residence yet as that gentleman has not left yet. Patrick is is training for at least 3 weeks. I am so sure that he will be great at this.

I just could not concentrate on making beads until we had heard from him. It was also the first week of school which is absolutely horribly busy for me. Today I was in a much better frame of mind. I worked for about 4 hours. I have a kiln full. Who knows how they will turn out. I also strung a badge lariat, just need to add clasp. I have got several people wanting things, which is good, but got to get focused.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You Never Stop Being a Parent

Maggie took these pictures the last day she was home. Topper has assumed the parenting role of Marshmallow. Danny and my parenting duties continue with trying to get Patrick ready to go to for a year to S. Korea to teach English to 4th thru 6th grade students. It is all the little details that are difficult. The big things got taken care of last week, this weekend it was little things that were on our minds. We really are excited about this opportunity for Patrick and think he will be great in this new job. He promises to write in a blog. He leaves tomorrow at 2:00pm from Nashville and doesn't get to Korea until Wednesday. I do believe he is getting a little nervous.

I have a few orders on the bead front that hopefully I will be able to concentrate on this week while worrying about Patrick and Maggie. Danny is taking him to the airport, sadly I can not go due to it being the first week of school.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boy Was This Summer Short

Today was the first day I worked in the 2010-2011 school year. Not ready to go back, at all. Sat in a Medication training all day. Tomorrow gets even better - meeting at central office, can't wait. I have been trying to take care of all the things people had asked me to do, hemming, earrings, lariats, etc. I am trying to burn beads in the same time frame. I have tried two hollow beads with the new puffy mandrels. Not easy. I seem to be able to make the glass move but they still are not very hollow. We will see how my second one is in the morning. Maggie is now attending UNCG and their colors are navy and YELLOW. If you know me well, I do not do well with yellow. I made two beads tonight with a navy core and encased in clear with Yellow dots, two different yellows. Mag says that the yellow is a golden tone, even worse for me. But she can't wear red and black (WKU) colors at UNCG. I will send them to her and see which one is the ONE. I am also working on a orange with black dot set, maybe Halloweenish. Orange was my favorite color when I was 13, everything I wanted was orange. I think I overdosed on orange. It ties with yellow now.