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Friday, January 8, 2010

Organizing Day

Another snow day today. Snowed lightly all day. Yesterday I made a excel spread sheet of all the glass colors that I have on hand. My wonderful husband had fixed my storage so that I could label all the colors. I just could not make up my mind how to organize them. Do you put all one color together? Do you put all pastels together and then all transparents then all specials etc? Well I decided on the latter and kind of went with neutrals separate and sort of by order number. It is not a perfect system but it is a system. I did start to label each one, then I got to thinking about what happens when I buy new colors. Oh well, I do not think I will buy any soon. I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I fired up the kiln tonight after all of the stress of my husband trying to get home. The 4 wheel drive vehicle is always in the wrong place when you need it. He had to hike up the snowy hill home. He left his car at the bottom. The neighbors had started hiking up before him and also left their car at the bottom. The guy at the bottom should start charging rent. It is about a mile total and in 18 degree weather in the dark, it is no fun.

I made a few beads with the lentil press (black base, lavender, mermaid and canyon de chelly swirled). Then I practiced a bit with the spacer beadroller. Boy is the learning curve steep on the tiny ones. I then made a few beads in the bigger barrel beadroller with some plum silver glass. Hoping Maggie might like them. Then I burnt my knuckle on my right thumb on hot glass and made one more bead (lavender encased with clear and plum silver dots reduced on top) and quit for the night. The spot on my thumb just turned a ugly shade of white. Yuck!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful and more productive.

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