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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mixed Reviews

The above are some of yesterday"s beads. The frit that I thought was going to turn blue, turned a yuky yellow on some and a blah neutral on dark ivory. Not very exciting. The black and kahki beads turned out pretty good, but they are sort of a no brainer. I also had a frit bead that I encased and pressed in the lentil press, to crack right down the mandrel. This doesn't happen to me very often, now that I have the kiln but obviously the frit did not get along with the clear that I put on top. It probably would not have been a very pretty bead anyway.

Tonight I tried to take lots of pictures of beads that I have had a while. Maggie goes back to college soon and there goes the camera. Maybe I can list some items on Etsy before she goes.

I also made a few beads with a dark cranberry frit. I tried it on pink transparent which should work out ok. I also put some frit on a light pink base and also encased a couple. I dragged a couple to try and get a decent hot pink hue. We will see. I still can not seem to get a pink that pleases me.

Maybe I can get some extra torching in on the holiday tomorrow. I have some restringing to do for a friend also.

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