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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A little bit of everything day

Sunday, snow, excercise, laundry, and of course beads makes a great day. Maggie, Danny and I all did a Wii combined routine today. I am already sore. School has been canceled for tomorrow so I will take Maggie to her test in Somerset.

I had marginal success with Mag's camera today. She had better luck. We got one to look fairly good and listed it on Etsy. It is another button using Reichenbach 104 Multicolor glass. I love the color which is not really done justice in the photo. It probably is my best button so far. I have had it awhile trying to get a decent picture.

The first picture is of a set that I did yesterday, using the Blueberry Marble glass and the lentil press. I can not make up my mind whether I want to list these and if I do what price to I place on them?

Today at the torch I finished a rod of the Multicolor 104 in the lentil press. Then I did some dot beads, avacado and navy blue and the opposite. Then I did some dot beads with a pastel center encased with different color same hue or white dots. My encasing skills are getting much better.

Can't wait to open that kiln in the morning.

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