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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to the Torch after a few Days Break

Maggie had a date tonight. So I was on my own. I exercised a bit, then headed downstairs to my bead room. I turned on the kiln and while it was warming up, I worked a bit on a necklace that I am restringing for a friend. Her husband's mother passed away recently and she had several necklaces that in their day were very pretty. She wants them updated a bit, but the integrity of the piece to be maintained. Got half way through and realized that I did not have the right wire guardian color that I needed. Oh well!

Kiln ready to go. Light the torch and off I go. I just played with some purple hues, some blue adventurine on white, some blue frit on lavender. I even used a dark grey transparent on a sandstone base. The other day I recieved some very thin brass sheet I had bought off of a lady on Lampwork Etc. I cut a snowflake shape with a paper punch and encased it in clear and pressed it in the large lentil press that I have. Looked really very bubbly, which I sort of expected. I really did not have a plan tonight and I think it showed. Normally I go into a session with some idea of what I want to accomplish, tonight I really had no clue.

Can't wait until the morning surprises.

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