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Monday, January 11, 2010

No Torching Today

My daughter took her test today and PASSED, like we thought she wouldn't. We also said good by to some very close FAMILY friends today. Family the key word here. They are moving to Denver and we wish them the best of times in their adventure.

I probably can identify the most closely with their decision, my husband and I made a similar decision about 28 years ago to move from my native southern California home to my husband's native Kentucky. We also picked the dead of winter to do this. Not the brightest idea we have ever had. Other than leaving my Mom and Dad (who had deserted me first and went to OR) I have no regrets leaving LA. I love my adopted home and it was a wonderful place to raise my kids.

Good Luck Staci, Evan and Zander, I hope CO is as good to you as KY has been to us.

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