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Friday, July 9, 2010


All of our animals at this time were not planned. They just found us. Well yet another one has just found us. Yesterday, Danny on his way to work got halfway down the hill and saw a tiny kitten (solid white, long hair) sitting in the road. He stopped and almost got to it and it ran into the woods edge and stared at him. Well he was dressed in good clothes that would not have worked with the terrain, so he went on to work and called and told me about his find. I did not go out yesterday so we didn't think to much about it. Obviously someone had dumped it. We live in the middle of the Daniel Boone National Forrest and it is pretty remote. So this happens a lot with different animals. Danny had gone to bed and Maggie and I were watching TV and our dog Topper (also a found dumped animal) was acting weird at the sliding glass door. He was wagging his tail and looking toward the driveway. I got up and didn't turn the light on, looked out the glass door and there stood the brightest white kitten. I opened the door and it let me pick it up. It is very attention needy. We woke up Danny, fed the kitten ( I never saw anything eat so fast) and played a little with it. We put it in the down stairs bathroom, it cried some but eventually was ok. This morning I opened the door to a absolute attention whore (as my son would say). I never have seen a kitten that could not sit still for one second with out looking for attention. Under my feet, up my leg, on my computer etc. I finally had to put it back in the bathroom in order to breath. Maggie got up and we tried again. She did not believe me. She does now. We finally let Topper in because he kept watching from outside. The kitten did not want us any more, Topper was all it wanted. So guess what we put the two of them outside. Poor Topper, the kitten would not let him rest. He basically is a porch dog but not with the kitten around. He even tried to give it a bath. Funny. We have a Vet appointment at 2:30pm today. It may have some health issues?? We will see. This is not what we had planned for today.

I would take some pictures of the beads I made yesterday, but it is overcast and looks like rain. The best pictures lately have been outside. Maybe later.

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