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Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Addition to our Cat Population

Well the new cat has been to the vet ($76.00) and has been named (marshmallow). The only issue now to be resolved is it's living quarters. I vote for outside, 3 indoor cats is enough for me to take care of. but the rest of the family vote for indoor. A long haired white cat really doesn't work to good outside. Topper tried to give HER a bath and she looked more like a toasted marshmallow. So I had to give her a bath, she came out of that one a bit better. She does have ear mites and fleas and I did find a tiny tick. The Vet thinks she is in pretty good health, just a little skinny.
I also had a first yesterday. I listed this bead and with in a couple of hours it sold. I was absolutely in shock. So Maggie and I were going to town anyway and we shipped it to GA. I have always been shocked when bead makers say that they list something and it sells so quick. Well I guess that can happen. It was a bead that I had intended to list last winter and just didn't get a good picture of. I have two others listed at this point. Wish they would sell that quick, no such luck.

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