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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day #2

Today was a day to stay by the fire and work on my internet pages. My daughter and I both sat on the couch in front of fire and TV with afghans on our laps and our laptops on top of them. We both should have been doing other things but it felt good somehow to just watch the snow come down. Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive bead day. Maggie did do some studying for a certification test she has to take on Monday and I did accomplish some items that I needed to take care of on my Etsy shop page. The picture is of a button that I listed as my first item for sale on the internet about a month ago. It has not sold yet but I am new to all of the intracacies of selling on the internet. I made some adjustments to the page and my profile. Pricing is another whole ball game. Etsy suggested that I belong to a service that is called Stumble. Etsy stated in their info pages that it would increase the traffic to my site, I am not sure how that happens but the service is very interesting. You give them a list of interests and they load web pages that fit. Very interesting pages occurred. You then give them a thumbs up or down. Who knows maybe I will learn something new anyway.

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