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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Etsy Posts

I am so excited, I listed two items today and actually someone had already looked at one of them. So cool. I don't think any strangers even looked at the buttons. It was worth the .40 just to have someone look. This process is time consuming and I probably am not good at writing up the sales pitch and description. Sales person role is not an easy one for me. Maybe Danny will step up.

I torched some today. Mostly spacers. Yesterday's take was pretty good. Did some hearts that came out OK.

Really tired of the rain. Our driveway and yard look like lakes. Danny could not get up the driveway due to two trees that had fallen over the drive. We had to hike through the mud and push and shove them out of the way. What a mess!!

The above beads are the ones I listed. I think I will try to at least list a couple a week since it searches the items by date listed. That way maybe they will look at other items already on the site. Boy will I be excited if something actually sells.

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