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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally a Weekend above Freezing

I think today is the first day of the new year that was not freezing. Danny actually worked outside for a few hours today. Of course I did not get to, housework took precedence. I really would have liked to play in my bead room all day. But reality does creep in. I did get to burn some beads for a hour or so. I worked on some dot beads, black and kahki color. I tried to make a snowman head but failed miserably. I have had some DH frit for awhile now and could not get it to do anything. I read this morning to try reactive base colors, so I tried dark ivory, sandstone, opal yellow, light blue, and a medium turquoise. I really don't think any were wonderful but the frit turned blue on the ivory and sandstone. The rest looked a yuky yellow. I even tried putting it on a dark ivory base and encasing it and then using my lentil press. Really not sure of that one. Who knows what they will look like once they come out of the kiln, that's the magic. The above bead was made a few days ago but is similar to some I did tonight and last night. I attempted a heart bead with a ruffle last night, need to try to do a heart each time. They are very time consuming and I am not very comfortable with doing them. I will post a picture when I get a chance.

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