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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photo Frustration Day

The beads I made yesterday came out so so. They are ok but not to die for. I tried to use our Fuji Fine Pix 2800Z along with a photo software program called Gimp. I failed miserably. Even though the camera has a macro lens setting, it does not seem to be good enough for beads. I read on Lampwork Etc that some use a point and shoot camera but I sure am not getting it. I may need to utilize a very good friend and his expertise to get some things listed on Etsy. That is a quandry. Can't buy a better camera without selling some items, but can't sell online without decent bead pictures.

It still snowed lightly all day today. Our camera can take a picture of that.

Today's beads were a casual mix of short rods that were right in front of the torch. Boy did my thumb get hot trying to be Scottish. I used my Lentil press for a bead using Light Ivory and some silvered Ivory leftovers. Then I used some Dark Ivory with some Mermaid and Canyon de Chelly stripes in the lentil press again. I had bought some Effetre Blueberry Marble back in the summer and really had not made any beads to speak of with the rod. So I made several of the large size and the small size lentil in my press. They are very streaky and should look good with jeans, maybe even etched. We will see in the morning when the Kiln God releases them to the world. Some bead artists do not like to clean their beads. I find that it gives me a mandatory look at the bead, inspecting the design and quality of the shape and hole. I actually enjoy the process.

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