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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lonely day at the torch

Even though I cherish when I get to make beads, today was not a happy one. I could of made beads all day but just didn't feel much like it for most of the day. My daughter, Maggie went back to school today. This is her last semester as an undergrad, so I should be happy, but I do so enjoy her company. Then to beat it all, my husband went to Indiana to spend the weekend with a friend who was having a garage party. So I have to be honest, I just was in a funk.

I did finally see fit to torch for awhile. It did make me feel a little better. I concentrated on trying to make a few hearts. Hearts are hard for me. I do not have a press, so they all come out different. I guess that is not really all bad, but I do wish I had more consistency is size and shape. With Valentines day looming, I best get better at it. I do love a heart at any time of the year though. I have only met one person ever that does not like a heart, so I have to remember not to send Karen one.

I also played around with some other shapes and colors. We shall see in the morning.

The above heart is one that I made last week. Picture sure could be better though. Darrin a long time friend of our family, is a master with the camera and has graciously agreed to help me since Mag took her good camera, that I was just sort of getting the hang of.

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