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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What do you think?

I am torn between using the wonderful pieces of driftwood that were in my mothers things or just straight jewelry. I usually do not use props but seem to be drawn to pictures that use them. I have read many discussions online regarding this and both sides have some good points. I do think that using too many can be distracting. What do you think? This is a set of beads that I have had on my bench for awhile. I do not know why I did not think to combine it with copper before. I love the look of copper but struggle to find colors that I like with it that are not just fall colors. I am not sure if this set will be for me or for sale. I visualize it being worn with a denim shirt and khaki slacks and maybe a white shirt.

I also have finally got a pair of earring beads that I am going to list. I have been remiss in regards to my etsy account. I just have had local orders and family events that have taken all my time and the beads that I have been making. I made myself a pair of earrings similar to these (different shape) and I love them. I made a pair for a gift and she seems to love them. So I decided that maybe I should list a pair. I have a necklace started with some of them and I am going to have a hard time parting with it. I guess I just love this combination. Simple but goes with a lot of what I wear, black. They have a gold tone to the bubbles but go well with silver also. The bubbles are much prettier in person. That is the trouble with selling online.


  1. I love your piece of driftwood and I too am really drawn to those type of photos. Some people have the knack of doing that so that it enhances rather than detracts.IMHO, with your photo above, as much as I like the actual wood, I prefer it without. Maybe it is just the earring placement that needs changing?
    I think the 2nd photo showcases your beautiful set far better than with the wood.
    But that's just me...I think you should do what YOU like. The copper looks great with the 'de I'm' colors.

  2. I tend to think you are right. I may play with the placement or try a different piece of wood. She had several in a box marked wind chimes. Thanks for the input

  3. Go with the driftwood, it brings out the copper more and it gives the blue hues more focus as well.