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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Tool Giveaway

During the summer and snow days I usually spend my coffee time reading blogs, forums, email, and facebook. Sometimes I feel a little guilty, but on the other hand I think in order to grow in the world of beads and handmade jewelry you have to keep abreast of what is new and upcoming. I guess that is the same reason I post pictures of new work to hear feedback so that I can process new directions in which to explore.

Today with my coffee I read a blog post that introduced a new tool (at least to me) of a double flush cutter from Swanstrom giveaway. I had no idea that there was a tool that could even do that, let alone have a chance to win one. What a dream giveaway. This generous giveaway is being hosted by Laura Twiford of Souvenirs From Life. Since occasionally I fuse my own components from fine silver wire, one of the issues is that the wire has a flush cut on both ends. It would help with jump ring making and a boatload of other creative endeavors. If I don't win this tool I am definitely going to have to look at trying to find a way to purchase this item.

The private show that I did on Monday went very well. I really enjoyed the employees of Jones Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Berea, KY. The ladies were very positive about my designs and very easy to work with. A big thank you to Linda Wilson and Dr. Melissa J. Jones. Hope everyone enjoys their new purchases. This is such a nice group of women, such a nice office and I have heard very good things about their professional work that I would recommend their services to anybody that lives near the office. A good dentist is worth their weight in gold, believe me, I have had my share of issues in that department.


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  1. Thanks and good luck, they really are a wonderful tool. Love your lampwork!