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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Very Productive Day

I spent the whole day finishing up some designs that have been on my bench in some shape or form for awhile now. I am taking some jewelry to a Dentist Office for a employee shopping opportunity. I am really looking forward to it.

I was so pleased at how this necklace turned out. My aim with the focal was to imitate a dogwood bloom. I am not sure that I succeeded but I still liked it. I agonized over each and every component. None of them came easy. I used a button that I purchased in Portland, OR, for the clasp. It is one of those designs that you really hope doesn't sell. If it doesn't sell, I think I know who will be the proud owner. I usually like my finished pieces, but I really loved this one. It is just so different from what I usually come up with. Wish I had bought a dozen of those buttons.

I decided to make a very summery bracelet, I have used this color combination before but not this shape or design. I really liked the combination of the shells and the etched beads.
I made a similar bracelet a few months ago and sold it to someone as a mother's day gift. I have had some of the beads complete for awhile but just needed a few more. I love black and white as a color combination. So crisp and clean.

Hope you had a productive day also.


  1. Gorgeous work Cheryl!!! The shape of the flower is great!

    Would you happen to have a light orange sherbet type of color, or a darker orangish tint?

    I cannot remember where I left off in our emails...

  2. Those etched beads are gorgeous. Indeed a great combo:-)