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Friday, June 25, 2010

Progress is slow

The process of getting a new artistic venture together is tedious. I wish I could just go make beads and jewelry but in order to continue to do that I need to do a lot of other things. Like order business cards. Mag designed them and they have been shipped. Yay, one down. Now I need tags for the jewelry that I am going to take to the gallery in Somerset. I found a latex glove mold at a local flea for $20.00 dollars. I think it will make an awesome display piece, can't decide if I want to keep it for home and art fairs or take it to Somerset. Wish I could find another one.

I have slowly been trying to buy items that will help display either beads or jewelry. I found a tutorial for a cigar box display of beads, found a source for the boxes and was really pleased how my first one turned out. I took it to the Library demo and it seemed to work great. What do you think?

Visited Hallock Stained Glass store in Lexington yesterday after the marathon visit to IKEA north of Cincinnati. Needed bead fix. She carries some 96 and some 104 glass. Her beads were great. She has some frit a few tools etc. Nice to know that in a pinch I might find what I need and not have to wait a week for a glass order. Very nice people and a dog that was wonderful. Mag and I would both have taken him home.

We also visited the Kroger Marketplace store in Lexington and I got the coolest dog treat jar. Mag thought I was crazy, but I love it.

Only the very best for the best dog ever. Oh, it was on sale too.

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