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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am Back

My daughter has been after me to continue to blog. I have to admit, I have missed it. I feel it is better with pictures and I really need to get a good camera. Today was a big day though. I taught a class on how lampwork beads are made and taught them to make a pair of earrings. I was asked to do this by our local public library. They offer lots of really unique classes and demonstrations. I had nine people that showed up. They taught me probably more than they learned from me. I sure could not have done this with out Maggie and Danny. It really was an honor to be asked to do this and hope I get to do this again.

Other than today, we have been really busy with Maggie's graduation and anticipated move to North Carolina. I hope to get back to making beads every day and trying to build up some inventory for upcoming events. I have rented space at the Sheltowee Gallery and have signed up to participate in my first art fair in November. So I better not procrastinate, which tends to be my nature.

I did make some more Cat paw beads today. Football is around the corner. Basketball season about killed me, I do not want to repeat that marathon session. I also sold a pair of earrings at the library to someone who was not in the class. It was a pair that I had considered keeping, so I made some beads similar to maybe make another pair. Also played around with some different shapes. Hopefully pictures tomorrow, Mag's camera is home for awhile.

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