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Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Snow Day

Well right after I posted they called school off again. From the looks of our driveway, the back roads were probably bad. Danny had no trouble getting to work but the Mailman comes up our driveway to turn around and he had major trouble from the tracks in the snow. He even has 4 wheel drive but is in a pick up truck.

I am a big fan of Lampwork Etc forum. I try to read parts of it everyday. As I am not in touch with any artists in my media very often, it keeps me updated and inspired. There is a Lampwork artist by the name of Mary Noelker out of Louisville, KY. She makes beautiful beads and uses lots of antique keys. I have been making these for awhile now, but every once in awhile they get stuck and won't move on the key. She posted a most generous tip. She throws them in a tumbler with SS shot and they come out clean and moving free. So I threw several in the tumbler that were stuck. Most came free. But there was one lone key still stuck. Another artist (Mary Beth from Colorado ) suggested taking the key and tapping the top with a hammer on a wooden surface to vibrate it loose. I did this on the remaining key and loose it came. End of problem. I would not be artistically where I am without this forum. Best ever.

We live so far out in the rural part of Southeastern Kentucky that life without the internet and cable was so different. We have lived here for almost 26 years, so life was much different when we first moved here. We were lucky to have running water and electricity. This journey would have been a lot different then. We still can't get cell phone reception at the house, who knows when that will happen.

Here are some keys I have done lately.

This one is a key from a friend's mother-in-law's estate. I am making a necklace for her daughter. If we ever get back to school, maybe we can decide on the rest of the necklace (dangles, chain etc.) Hopefully she will enjoy wearing something new made out of something old.
This key is a little different configuration and the bead is a light denim color. It would be great with a pair of really comfortable jeans.

This one has a light pink bubble filled bead on it.

This has a very dark purple blue bead on it.This is one of the first ones I made into a necklace. I am fairly happy with it, although I think it needs a clasp. I took a silver chain and applied LOS to age it to match the key.
This key is fairly small and has a black with Silvered Ivory stripe.

I guess I have always loved old keys, hardware like square nails old bottles etc. My mother loved old things also. In my mom and dad's house above the couch she had framed on velvet old keys and a lock from a antique family trunk. It has always been one of my favorite things.

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