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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Customer Inspired Learning

I have said this before many times, the people that I am closest to provided unlimited ideas and opportunities for learning.  They push me to try things that I NEVER would have tried.  Making a pig bead would never have been on my list of things to try. But with each opportunity you learn different skills and assess your limitations.  I actually think he is kind of cute for a first try.  He is a little small but that can be adjusted.  My niece has requested this bead to be made into a pendant for her cousin. For some reason they give each other pig related items at Christmas.  She says she was struggling to find something new.  I hope this is close to what she had in mind.

I was also asked to make pendants this year for the Chicken Festival, now that was a challenge.  After many, many failures, I think I did OK. All of them sold even one that I thought I might keep for myself and wear once a year at Chicken Festival time.  All I have left are the many failures.  I wore everyone out getting their opinions, which I really appreciate their patience and honesty.  Sadly I didn't think they would sell and didn't take a picture.  London Downtown did though and posted it to facebook.  They bought 5 of them. 


They also posted a picture of our Miata carrying one of  the wooden chickens back to Hazel Green to

be decorated for the contest.  London Downtown really works hard to make this event eggciting.

Pigs and Chickens go figure.


  1. I think your pig bead turned out great! My daughter (12) fell in love with a whole set of pig-themed baking utensils. I don't get it either :-)

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