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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Additions to my Studio

I have really been trying to get organized in the house and studio.  Before Christmas we made multiple visits to Goodwill.  They were the lucky recipients of lots of Christmas Decorations that I really did not need (like about 15 boxes or more). My studio has also seen some changes.  Danny has been working very hard to put up some new shelves that have freed up valuable space on my table near my torch.

This is the new rack he built for my Bead Rollers, they are made of graphite and would break if dropped so this gets them out of harms way unless I have using them.  At around $50.00 a piece they are my prized possessions.

This is the Photo tent we have been working on.  The frame is made of PVC pipe and surrounded by white fabric.  The directions in my jewelry magazine said to tape the fabric, but that just didn't suit me to I sewed casings that just fit over the pipe.  The hole is for the camera lens to fit through.  Danny made me some stands for the lights to be adjustable in height.  Here are some quick pictures that I took inside it to see how it was going to work.
I am pretty happy with the results.

This is our newest cat, Murphy.  He really is a hoot.


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  1. Great organisation, very neat ! You have lots of tools... and your cat is sweet. Love your beads in the blue necklace...beautiful.