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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shaker Village Art Fair August 3rd and 4th

Danny and I had a booth at the Shaker Village Art Fair this year.  It is a jurried Art fair.  The first year I applied, I applied late and they already had too many jewelry artists.  So I was thrilled to be accepted this year.  The weather was of course very hot and humid, and threatened to storm all weekend.  The rain though for the most part held off, and went around us.  Lucky us, it did though leave a very humid situation.  I can't not remember sweating that much. It was all worth it though.  I got lots of feed back on my new designs and the customers were wonderful.  We were very busy Saturday morning and from there it was slow but not boring. I had changed quite a few things that I am very pleased with.  New table cloths, tags, shutters, and business cards.  I think I need a new sign to match though.  We learned a lot about outside shows but all in all we were pretty prepared. Danny took some booth pictures for me.

Both Danny and I would love to do this show again.  Interesting tid bit, I sold all of the olive green pieces that I had and all of the copper earrings that I had.  Go figure.

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