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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days

We are now on the 12th day of weather days this school year. Epic amounts of snow have fallen so far this winter. We are already above our average snowfall. So walking to the mail box (my only exercise during these times) with topper in tow, I happen to notice this last snow fall was sparkling just like sugar crystals. For Christmas presents this year I bought some frit called sugar frit. It is a crystal clear small grit size. I made several pair of these snowball earrings. I thought they would match lots of outfits even at other times of the year. Hope everyone is not too sick of the snow to wear them.

I have a tendency to gravitate to color combinations that are familiar and comfortable. I keep going back to this same bead lately. It is a teal/turquoise frit on a Dirty Martini background. It dawned on me today why. The afghan that has been in my den for a long time (made by my mother) is the same color combination. It definitely was thought provoking when I walked by the afghan and realized the similarity. What do you think?

The beads and the afghan are much prettier in person.

I ordered some new glass two weeks ago on sale. Due to everyone doing the same thing it took them a week to fill the order and then it always takes at least a week to arrive here ( in the middle of nowhere). Fed Ex is supposed to deliver today. Can't wait. Hopefully snowy roads will not prevent delivery.

So far school has not been canceled for tomorrow, but it really does not look good.

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