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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mountian Heritage Artisans Guild

Monday evening I attended the organizational meeting for the MHAG here in London. Last year when I was looking to join a guild, I looked for a local group that would be helpful in growing my art and business venture. I found Sheltowee to be the closest and most organized for my purposes. Most local artist that I have talked to are members of several guilds. Generally they are a member of a local (smaller) guild and then become a member of one of the (larger) state or regional guilds. I decided to join this guild in addition to the Sheltowee and see where it takes me. They are really in the beginning stages of forming the guild. They have not even gotten the paperwork processed in order to open a bank account. Everything about this process is more complicated than it looks. It appears to be a very nice group of people. Lots of painters and woodworking individuals. More people attended than they expected which is a good sign. They will be having a jury process but they are very green as to the details this will encompass. Thank goodness I have been through this process with a group that had been doing it for a long time. It is a scary thing to put your work (heart and soul) out there for people to review. It is in everyone's best interest though to have high standards for membership. That is also hard because I am sure everyone thinks their art is of high quality or they would not do it. I hope that this group can make a go of it. This area has a lot of very talented individuals but no representation in the area.

They have a wonderful opportunity to put on a Art fair during the Redbud bike race that is held in London in April. The race starts and ends downtown at the Farmers Market which is next to the Community Center where the Art Fair will be held. They would have a captive audience of the families and friends of the racers since it is kind of hard to watch much of the race in between the start and finish. Having only done 1 1/2 Art Fairs, I do not have a lot experience in hosting one, but I have volunteered to serve on the committee. A lot needs to be done to pull this off. Since this will be the first official event, it would be nice if it would succeed. I see it as a learning and very critical part of the formation of the Guild.

Regarding the Bead Soup Party event, I am getting ready to send my items to my partner. Since I have never participated in anything like this, I am a bit nervous. I hope I am sending things she will like, be able to use, and enough of a selection. I have been watching what others have sent and it is making me more nervous instead of less nervous. I am glad it is not a life and death event.

I will post pictures of what I have sent after she receives her package. We are up to 16 snow days, if I am counting correctly. Sort of getting old, and it is only January. Well off to make some more beads.


  1. When I read your post and you said you lived in London I was confused, so I backtracked and you said you lived in Kentucky.So then I googled London, Kentucky and it was all made clear to me! Thank goodness for Google!!
    Hope all goes well with your fair. It is 40 celsius for us tomorrow so no bead making for me! Way too hot. I too worry about what I sent for BSP, nerve wracking isn't it, however what's done is done......! Jenni

  2. Thanks Jenni C for reading my blog, Yes I probably should have specified London where? We also have lived in Paris KY. It can be kind of confusing. Can't wait to see what you get and create with your Bead Soup Party package also.

  3. A friend just told me about this Guild. I was wondering if you had any contact info.

  4. Yes I do have contact info and there is a meeting scheduled for next week, 2-16-11. If you will send me your contact email I will send the info to you.