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Saturday, January 29, 2011


In regards to the Bead Soup Blog Party events, I have mailed my package to my partner Amber Dawn. We were supposed to mail this package by 1-28-11, believe it or not I was a day early. I am nervous about whether she will be pleased or perplexed. I tried to give her lots of options and ideas about the use of the focal. She likes vintage style and nature inspired themes. Putting this package together actually pushed my creative envelope, more than I think the creator of the blog party intended. I wanted to send items that she would like and be able to wear but be enough different from what she was used to. Hopefully I have achieved both. The color palette I chose makes me think of vintage items but the theme was definitely aimed at the natural world. I did take pictures but can't show them until I know that she has received them. I would not want to ruin the surprise. I can't wait to see what she has sent to me.

I have been trying to refine my cupcake skills. Since I am dieting they are all in glass. Maggie and Staci, I will leave the real ones to you. I have had several requests for them as earrings. That is kind of tough to get them to be exactly the same size, just in real life no two cupcakes are identical. Maybe that will be my excuse. I love the cake tester idea with the cupcake on top, just makes sense to me. I am also working on beads on antique keys and buttons at each torch session.

I just love handmade buttons out of different materials like wood, clay, glass. I called a yarn store in Lexington awhile back and she really was not interested in carrying glass buttons. She stated that they took up too much space and not enough mark up to justify the space. I thought it would be just the opposite. If you spent the time to hand knit a beautiful sweater, felt a purse etc, would you not want a beautiful button as the jewelry for the piece. I would not want just an average button on an item like that. How much space does a small basket full of buttons take?

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