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Monday, August 23, 2010

Productive Weekend

This picture really does not do this bracelet justice. Again I need a decent camera desperately. Maggie where are you. But if I don't take a picture I tend to forget what I have done in the past, even if it is a bad picture. This weekend I made Wildcat beads and for a change they all turned out usable. Usually you have a few at the beginning that are not too good as you get into a rhythm. Then I spent Sunday making jewelry. Wildcat bracelet, 4 pair of wildcat earrings and the above bracelet. The above bracelet was intended for Sue's Birthday. I had to bring it back home though it is too big. So restringing it is. I am not real good at the redo thing. I probably will take out the big bead out of the pattern so it is the right length.

I have always been very proud of my parents keeping up with the changing world and changing technology. They have always grown with the changing times. My Dad now even has a Facebook page. I really think that speaks to his great attitude toward life as a learning journey. Love you Dad. You are the very best ever.

Patrick seems to be doing great in S. Korea . He taught his first classes today. He appears to like teaching. Go figure. Of course who would have thought I would spend 16 plus years working at an elementary school. You never know where life is going to take you. He is experiencing all kinds of new and exciting things. It was hard to comprehend Maggie doing things in England, it is just as hard to comprehend Patrick being in S. Korea. Wow!

Maggie's first day of classes at UNCG was today also. She met with her professor on her Graduate Assistantship first thing this morning and then off to class. Seemed to go well. She will be awesome in both roles. She even found a parking spot, major hurdle she says.

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  1. Your kids seem wonderful which is a great reflection on their mom :-) Thanks for your comment on my blog and good luck with your craft fair!