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Friday, March 14, 2014

Bead Soup is on the way to my partner

My partner for Bead Soup 8 is Cheryl Foiles from Raleigh, NC.  Her work is wonderful.  She has two etsy shops, one for components and one for finished pieces.  Absolutely awesome pieces.  This could be a marriage made in heaven for me.  I hope she is as fond of my beads as I am of her metal work. 

I mailed off my soup to Cheryl today.  I am never as pleased as I would like to be with my packaging.  I am always looking for something that would just take your breath but never find it.  I see other packaging and just love it.  Got to improve on that aspect.  I tried to send enough but not to much so as to allow her to be creative.  I think sometimes too much soup is overwhelming. 

I am so looking forward to this soup.  Her taste is impeccable and we have similar backgrounds.  We both are full time employees and part time artists.  We both are from the West Coast but live in the South.   We both have grown children living in other parts of the universe.  Our husbands have very busy careers which leaves us time to explore our artistic side.  Oh and did I mention we spell our names the same.  Not that common a spelling.

I just love these earrings.  I may have to hint to my husband about these.  They are fold formed and I have played with this technique, but not to this level of excellence.

I will post pictures when I receive my soup.

Till then, thanks for reading.


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