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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bead Soup Ingredients

This is what I sent my partner Cheryl Foiles in NC.
It includes my favorite combination of glass focal and accent beads (Reichenbach 104 Multicolor with a clear 96 frit on top).  This combination never looks the same twice.  It is so much fun, but very hard to photograph. I have included a couple of options for complimentary pieces.  I did include a very long balled headpin (just in case she needs it) and a S clasp in sterling silver.  I always worry if I have included enough or to much to inspire creativity.  I have experienced both in my past soups and I feel that both can be paralyzing.  You want to give options but not overwhelm.

Well I do believe that my partner Cheryl nailed it, she included lots of options that coordinated with a beautifully crafted focal and clasp.  She uses a lot of copper in her work, and it is beautiful.  He included several gemstones that I had never heard of and labeled them for me.  I don't get to work with stones very often, so I was thrilled with her choices.  She also included several links (copper and silver).  There are pearls that coordinate with the lamp work beads also.  Her focal and clasp are very unique and when I showed my husband he was very impressed and liked them a lot.

I am a very lucky bead soup recipient.  It is a very similar color palette to what I sent her.  Interesting.


  1. I love both yours and your partner choices, beautiful beada and color combo

  2. Oh, and the lampwork glass you sent her, Incredible! That triangle glass donut is too cool. Both beautiful. Funny that you both picked the same color scheme. ;)