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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bead Soup Ingredients

I have received my Bead Soup ingredients from  Cory Celaya.  She sent the most wonderful pendant and clasp,  She also sent some complimentary items to go with them.  With the previous Bead Soup Parties that I have been a participant in, my partners were overly generous. This in turn tended to just cripple my creative juices.  I think Cory sent me just the right amount of items that sparked all kinds of ideas.  Sounds weird to not want a lot of gorgeous components, doesn't it.  But it is true, it seems that it just creates a creative block for me.  I can not get over the feeling that I have to use all of the components, even though you only have to use the focal and the clasp. 

The focal was developed by Cory through a personal family loss.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Cory is so talented.  I could never paint anything, let alone such a lovely bird.  I love the clasp and accessory beads, I would definitely have bought them if I had a bead store in town.  I am excited to be able to design with Cory's ingredients, I hope I can do them justice.

She should receive mine today.  I was inspired by where she lives. The colors just seemed to go with Arizona.


  1. That focal is stunning and I love all the other elments.They all look so good together..love the beads..did she say what they are made from?

  2. Love all the pieces but the focal is awesome! I just love the colors! Have fun creating!

  3. Lovely blog, great pics.I cant find your about me info.Thanks Love and hugs Tanya