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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bead Soup Ingredients Part 2

This is what I sent Cory.  I always struggle with these decisions.  She and I corresponded prior to me sending the package.  She stated she struggled with pastels (pink in particular) and white.  I settled on this group because of the ivory as a neutral (not white) which I thought reminded me of the sand, and the aqua and purple shades that reminded me of the southwest.  Cory lives in AZ, although I am not sure of her terrain, this reminded me of the AZ I have seen.  The heart is one of those pieces that I had saved back with the intent of making something for myself.  It seemed like the perfect focal to send to my partner.  I always try to send a grouping that has a piece of what I like or what I would wear.  It is fun to see what they make out of it, since I already have a vague vision of what I would make for myself.  I sent copper accents and a copper clasp (that I made) to go with it.  Usually I send a store bought clasp, but this time I felt like she would appreciate it more if I made the clasp, even if it was a fairly simple style. 
Cory is such a talented artist, I can't wait to see what she does with my ingredients.  I have a one day art show the day of the reveal, so I will have to try to view it from my phone. Please visit her blog (Art with Moxie) to see what she will cook up.

If you know me, I work best under pressure.  Last minute Annie, I guess you could call me.  But I was so excited about the ingredients that Cory sent to me that I have already completed my necklace and love it. All that is left to do is take my pictures and schedule my post for the reveal date of July 28, 2012. 


  1. Love the mixture of colors you sent your partner..those beautiful deep purples so well with the aqua. I love your clasp and I am sure Cory appreciates the time and effort that went in to making it.and talk about organized! I am still waiting for mine...but I am not in the first run so am not too worried!

  2. The beads are gorgeous...I love the etched finish! You put together a beautiful soup!