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Saturday, August 27, 2011


I absolutely had a wonderful 4 days in Louisville at the ISGB annual meeting The Gathering. I attended the business meeting and was one of many that won some much needed clear glass. Some of my favorite vendors were present, Zoozii, and Arrow Springs. There were lots of other vendors also and they, I am sure, will become favorites in time. I had earned some extra money sewing and it flew out of my purse. I bought some cab mandrels that I have wanted for some time. They have a bit of a learning curve to them, but Amy, the owner of Zooziis, was at open torch and demonstrated using them. I have made one attempt but need more practice.

Open torch was just awesome, some of the icons of the glass bead world were there in a casual atmosphere making beads and sculpture. There are no words to describe it. Danny kind of poked his head in for a couple of minutes and even he was in awe.

The Bead Bazaar was awesome. Danny lasted two rows and there were 5, I think. Everyone's work was awesome. I bought a few beads but mostly was just overwhelmed.

The speakers were wonderful and the people in general were very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed every minute. I had so much fun that I was utterly exhausted when I got home. I took my camera but did not take one single picture. I wish I had now of course.

When I decided to go to the Gathering, finances were not in the best shape. I am glad I managed to swing it. I thought it might be the only chance I got. Now I am wondering how I can finagle to get to go next year in Seattle. Like I said it was wonderful

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