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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Wonderful Friend and Artist

Bonnie Johnson Wyatt is a preschool teacher with the patience of Job. This patience also appears in her wonderful baskets. She takes a deer antler and sees a basket, WOW.

Bonnie comes from a cultural heritage of hunting and enjoying the outdoors for all it is worth. I believe this is reflected in her work.

She is the only person that I work with that is interested in a creative pursuit, even though it is a completely different we can enjoy and encourage each other. I believe that unless you have that kind of support you are not near as motivated to continue.

She is currently making the most awesome napkin rings using some of the tips of the antlers.
Now we just need to get her an online presence. She lives on a beautiful piece of Kentucky land in a beautiful log home. She has so far resisted cable, dish or internet. Now I know to some this is insane but she has access to those things in other places. She is quite comfortable with her choices.

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  1. It does surely reflect the thoughts and the background of every individual when you see their work and specially the colors they choose.