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Monday, April 18, 2011

MHAG Art Show

The Mountain Heritage Guild of London KY put on it's first Art show in conjunction with the Redbud Bike Ride. I think all went well for both with the exception of the weather. Severe storms went through the area overnight but storms still came up suddenly throughout the day. There was lots of foot traffic at the Art show both from the race and from our local area. We had lots of variety in the artists, painters of all kinds, woodworkers, a copper artist, a folk artist, photographer and a wonderful basket maker. Bonnie Wyatt was my partner in crime and neighbor. The show was enjoyable because of her friendship. Her baskets are just unbelieveable. She did not sell as much as I thought she would. I have been in her shoes only it was a three day show. At least this one was very affordable and only one day. I think the more she gets her baskets out there the more they will sell.
I did better at this show than I have in the past but earrings were the biggest seller. I did sell a couple of key necklaces. I was very happy with my setup and could not have gotten that accomplished with out the help of my best friends. Barb, Vicki and Stacy all were up and at them at 6:00AM to help me setup. They were just marvelous. Barb went and got breakfast and Vicki delivered lunch to Bonnie and me. When it was time to pack up, Barb was at work but Vicki , Stacy, Evan and Zander were right there and it was packed and loaded in about a half an hour.
Again I have learned a lot from this show and next time I will just keep tweeking until I get it perfect.

This is one of Bonnie's baskets. it is really much prettier in person. One man in the guild had seen her work but thought for sure the baskets had to be made by a man. We got a big laugh out of that. Bonnie and I saw a lot of people that we work with at school. That was really nice that they came to support us and the other artists.

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