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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yay I Passed the Jury For Sheltowee Artisans

Well it is always good to have hard work pay off. I was emailed tonight with the good news.  They had said that it would be about three weeks before I would hear, not the 3 days that it did take.  I am so glad to know one way or the other, I am not good at waiting.  I hope that I get feed back, good and bad on the presentation and artistic work.  It would be very helpful if I ever apply to the Kentucky State group.

They have monthly meetings and a small gallery in Somerset that you can rent space in to sell your art.  I am really looking forward to the creative input from people that do more than just clean house in their spare time.  Now to concentrate on the next set of hurdles. 

Thanks again Dad for the awesome frame.  If I was on the fence I am sure that the frame made a big difference. Love you.

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