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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cats Paws Beads

A very good friend asked me to try and make a pair of earrings that would be University of Kentuckyish.  Since I am not a big fan this was not a concept that excited me at first.  I also thought I could whip this out.  Guess what a cats paw is much harder than it looks.  I spent a whole torch session and barely got one to look decent plus the blue was wrong, too dark.  Second day was much more productive.  I managed to get 3 pairs that were pretty good.  I took one set to work and showed a few people to get some feed back and believe it or not got a order for 3 pair of earrings.  I made those last night and managed to get orders for 3 more plus a necklace.  When Danny first saw what my beads looked like, he said I think you could sell those.  I guess he was right.  Thanks Vick for the great push to do this idea. I will try to get a picture soon.  Still struggling with the picture thing.

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