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Sunday, January 4, 2015

WOW has it been awhile.

It sure looks different outside from when I last blogged, no snow just mud so far.  Snow is coming though.

I did several shows that I had not done before last year.  They were interesting.  One here locally, I did not think would pan out, was a wonderful surprise.  Had a great day.  Hope they host it again next year at Levi Jackson State Park for homecoming.

I also did a show in Morehead at the University at the recommendation of several fellow artists.  It was also a success although I hear not as good as in the past.  We are planning on returning to that one.  It falls at a good time for Christmas shopping.

Every year I sit and evaluate the ones we did and the ones we need to do at next year. Working full time jobs limits the number of shows we want to do.  My daughter and wonderful son-in-law have moved to the Columbus, OH area so that may factor into these decisions.

Although I am getting more comfortable at shows, I still am struggling with online sales.  I have been watching with a curious eye the different bead shows on Facebook.  In November I made a lame attempt to post to a group for less than perfect beads.  It did not sell and I kind of like it, so be it. Today I posted in a group named Lampwork Beads for Sale.  I posted 6 glass headpins that I kind of was proud of. Of course no bids so far,but right off the bat I got a like and nice comment from a designer.  She messaged me with a question on doing a set in a different color.  I am thrilled.  Made my day to say the least.  The following is a picture of what I listed.  I revamped my camera settings with the help from my lovely daughter.

 This has encouraged me to pursue other listings.  There is no opportunity to sell just beads locally and sometimes it is nice not to have to think about the end design first.

I will try to not let it be so long next time.


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