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Thursday, April 25, 2013

So many ideas and not enough time.

In a past post I showed just a couple of these hollows that I am practicing on. This is where I am now.  If you can see the progression from large wonky to smaller and rounder.  If I only had some more time to practice.  I think I will eventually get it.

I recently had a few hours of heaven at the torch and had been thinking about my mom's love of the beach.  I have a really good friend that loves the beach and that I owe some jewelry in trade for a blood pressure cuff she didn't need.  So I practiced making some murrini that I hoped would emulate shells or barnacles.  Well that was more time consuming than I had anticipated but turned out better than my other attempts.  Then I made a ocean theme bead and put them on the sand part.  I rarely am really pleased with a first attempt, but I was pleasantly pleased and so was she.

I am going to make a pendant for her and maybe a loop at the bottom to hang some sea charms on.  What do you think?

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