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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Friends

The best dog in the world and the luckiest kitten ever, taking a Sunday nap. Topper is so good to marshmallow. This was the view out my kitchen window this afternoon. He literally has taken to motherhood like it was natural.

I had a rather productive day. Did some sewing, some mending and some beading. Yesterday I finished a necklace and a bracelet that had been laid out on my bench for a week or so. Sometimes I have to stare at the layout for awhile before finishing it to make sure it is the way I envisioned. I really do not redo things very well but will if it needs it. Can't decide if I will sell the necklace, I do not make myself many things but I kind of like this really well. The bracelet is made out of beads that I made about 6 months ago.

Thanks for looking.

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