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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Layout

Hopefully this new look is easier on your eyes. I am experimenting, so not sure if I will keep this one either. I found it a little frustrating. I tried to bring the banner from my Etsy site to it, but it didn't like that. I will keep trying different things until I get it the way I want. I visited many blogs and theirs all look great. I need to spend more time on it. It is amazing how much time all of this really takes.

I read an article on pricing jewelry by self employed artists. They said you should add all of this kind of time into the equation for your selling price. I am not sure the market could handle the cost of my learning curve. Maybe that is how that necklace out of really ordinary, but pretty lampwork beads was listed at $1,000.00.

Check out the neat Mini-Etsy that is now on the page. I saw this on another blog, so thought I would try it here. Please let me know what you think. Is it too commercial?

Yesterday's bead experiments were a bit disapointing. I did research on how to use several of the frits (glass chips) that were sent free with a book that I got for Christmas. I tried several of the ideas but was not really impressed with the results. I did get one bead that may have possibilities, it is a glass called opal yellow with a frit that looks blue and is called Kronos #2 by
Double Helix. The frit is a silvered glass that is supposed to have reactive qualities when introduced to a reducing flame, mostly propane and very little oxygen. The opposite of this is a oxidizing flame, which make other glasses change colors such as Raku. Sometimes it is quite confusing and then introduce the human factor, timing, different torches etc. and the results are never predictable. I guess that is what keeps glass artists so intrigued.

I was accepted by the Self Representing Artist organization that I discussed last time. Their response was remarkably quick. That logo now appears on this blog also.

Well guess what? Another snow day tomorrow! What is new? I think it will make 17 days we have missed since January 1, 2010. You only get 20 to a month, there goes June.

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