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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Productive Snow Day

Listed this earring pair on Etsy today. It reminds me of spring and boy am I ready for it. We have missed so much school for snow already this year. Hope we do not have to work all summer. They will let the students have off but classified staff will still have to finish their contracts. Maybe I will work spring break in order to make up some days.

I finished some valentine gifts today. I had the hearts done for awhile but could not decide how I wanted to finish them and to whom they would go. Danny took the pictures for me and got very frustrated. It is not as easy as it looks. I definitely understand, been there.

I received my free chain from Dreamland Jewelry today. It is really pretty and looks like a good deal. I also received my new mask N100 for particles today. I really needed it. My other one fogs up my two pair of glasses. Making beads with a torch is not really very safe if you can not see. I wear my regular glasses and then a special pair of glasses over those so that I can see through the flame and don't damage my eyes from the sodium flare.
This mask is wonderful. I made a white heart with purple and pink enamel and could breathe and see. Can't wait to try all the design possibilities with enamel and pixie dust (mica).

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