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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last week with my Favorite Daughter

Maggie took the above pictures of the kitten when she came home two different evenings from Brian's house. How she gets up there we have no idea. This kitten is a pistol and full of personality and has the loudest meow when hungry. We have named her so I guess she is a keeper. Her name is marshmallow when clean and when dirty it is toasted marshmallow.

This week has been enjoyable but also a little sad. We are putting the finishing touches on packing and getting ready to move Maggie to NC. Where did the summer go. When I needed the longest summer ever, I got the shortest one since working in the school system. I made some pretty cool wine glass coasters yesterday from some fabric she picked out in Berea. Today I am going to divide the Clivia that my Mom loved and shared with me years ago. It had a baby (rare) so the baby is going with Maggie. I am also going to make her some cloth napkins to go with her (my old) dishes. I loved those teal dishes and got good use out of them. I was just wanting white again. Sad to see them go. I also have got to rework a pair of earrings and mend some items for her before packing the truck.

The above necklace was made by my cousin Vickie Kane Mathieu, it was sent to Maggie as a graduation from college gift. Vickie is an enamel artist from Arcadia, California. It is amazing. A shimmering blue background with a gold heart. She could not have picked a better size or design for Maggie. Maggie was a baby the last time Vickie saw her how could she have known? I do not know if she sells her work or not, but she should.

Maggie and I are going to meet with Stacey Wilhite tonight to discuss Peacock Beads for a project she is designing. I am not sure if I can help her but I sure will try.

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